Molybdenum Foil Can Be Used as a Current Collector in Aluminum-ion Battery

molybdenum foil photo Molybdenum foil is a thin sheet made of transition metal molybdenum material, which has the characteristics of high purity, low resistance, good electrochemical performance and chemical stability. 

It is lightweight and flexible, can be used as a substrate for the fabrication of CdS-CdTe solar cells. Interaction of selenium, arsenic hydrides, stibine and bismuthine with Mo foil was investigated by atomic absorption spectroscopy. The metal foil may be used to generate metal diffusion bonding in silicon carbide/silicon carbide (SiC/SiC) joints. In addition, when used as a current collector in aluminum-ion batteries. the current collector problem faced by the battery can be solved to a certain extent.

molybdenum foil photo

The aluminum-ion battery is a rechargeable battery composed of a negatively charged aluminum anode, a positively charged graphite cathode, a separator and an electrolyte, and has a similar function to that of a lithium-ion battery. Due to its abundant and easy availability of aluminum resources, the use of non-flammable and electrochemically stable electrolytes, and the high theoretical specific capacity of aluminum metal anodes, it has attracted great attention from energy storage researchers.

However, the development of aluminum-ion batteries also faces many problems, such as the current collectors, the corrosion of aluminum anodes, and the high cost of electrolytes. Among them, the current collectors with good effect are mostly metal molybdenum foils and tantalum foils with inert characteristics and stable performance within the corresponding voltage range in the electrolyte system, but such metals are rare metals and relatively expensive. 

molybdenum foil photo

Compared with cheap metal nickel foil and titanium foil, Mo foil has better electrochemical performance and chemical stability when applied in aluminum ion battery, so it can ensure the stable operation of the battery. Studies have shown that nickel foil will have chemical corrosion in the aluminum-ion battery system, and adverse side reactions will occur at low potentials, and the withstand voltage range is narrow.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to molybdenum foil, tantalum foil, nickel foil and titanium foil that can be used as current collectors for batteries, tungsten foil can also be used. Studies have shown that tungsten foil has stable electrochemical performance in the voltage window range of 0-2.5v.

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