What Is the Function of Molybdenum Seed Holder in Sapphire Crystal Growth?

molybdenum seed holder photo What Is Molybdenum Seed Holder? 

Molybdenum seed holder, also named molybdenum chuck, is widely used in vacuum furnaces and sapphire crystal growth furnaces to connect the seed rod for crystal growth. The seed rod inserted into the moly chuck, and fixed by a molybdenum pin or taper.

The purity of this holder is above 3N5, the density can reach 10.0g/cm3, and the working temperature is controlled below 1700℃. Regularly, the diameter ranges from 10mm to 100mm and length ranges from 100mm to 1000mm. In addition, the holder can be reused as it is made of molybdenum metal that is very durable. 

molybdenum seed holder photo

What Is the Function of Moly Seed Holder in the Sapphire Crystal Growth?

The sapphire crystal material is a 60,000-lattice crystal formed by high-purity alumina (Al2O3) with a purity greater than 99.999% in a crystal growth furnace by melting and crystallization at high temperature. It has high sound speed, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high hardness, high light transmittance, high melting point (2050℃) and other properties, so it is often used as optical components, infrared devices, high-intensity radium radiation materials and mask materials.

molybdenum seed holder photo

Sapphire crystal is grown in the sapphire crystal growth furnace and moly seed holder is used to hold seed. To get high quality crystals, in the first place, the furnace body has good sealing performance so that the internal temperature gradient is consistent, thereby improving the quality and yield of the crystals produced, and also improving the production efficiency, and is suitable for mass production of crystals.

In the second place, in the process of sapphire crystal growth, high-quality single crystal ingots are extracted by controlling heating power, pulling speed and rotation speed. The seed chuck is a device that connects the seed and plays a very important role in the growth of single crystals.


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