Why Molybdenum Hammer Is Important in the Monocrystalline Silicon Growth?

molybdenum hammer photo What Is Molybdenum Hammer?

The hammer is usually made of tungsten and molybdenum materials as it is used in high temperature furnaces that require the materials to be heat resisting. 

It is mainly used to connect molybdenum seed holder and tungsten wire rope, and is hung on the suspension clamp or jumper the bottom, increasing the clamp vertical load heavy objects. Although the product can be made from both tungsten and molybdenum metals, as tungsten price is higher than molybdenum, molybdenum is usually the raw material of seed holder with advantages of cheaper price but the same function. Its concentricity requires to be the same as seed holder and tolerance is very strict. The shape corners of threaded need be smooth, high finish.

molybdenum hammer photo

Monocrystalline silicon is a crystal with a basically complete lattice structure. It is a good semiconductor material with a purity of more than 99.9999%. It can be used for the production and deep processing of diode-level, rectifier device-level, circuit-level and chip products.

Semiconductor grade single crystal furnace is an important crystal growth equipment in the single crystal silicon industry chain. At present, the Czochralski has the advantages of large single crystal quality, large diameter, low cost and high production efficiency, and has always been the main method for the preparation of semiconductor silicon substrates.

molybdenum hammer photo

The Czochralski is to melt a cooled seed crystal in contact with a silicon melt. When the temperature of the interface is lower than the freezing point, the seed crystal starts to grow. In order to make the seed crystal grow continuously, it is necessary to gradually reduce the temperature of the melt and rotate the seed chuck device to improve the temperature distribution of the melt. When the crystal grows to a certain stage, the seed chuck device must be lifted slowly to expand the heat dissipation surface. Therefore, the reliability and stability of the seed chuck device are very important, and the molybdenum hammer is the key to ensure the reliability and stability. 


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