What Are Excellent Properties of Molybdenum Disulfide in High Temperature Grease?

molybdenum disulfide photo Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a naturally occurring black solid compound that is slippery to the touch.

 It transfers easily and adheres to other solid surfaces it comes in contact with. Its mineral form -- called molybdenite -- was often confused with graphite until the late 1700s. Both have been used for lubricating and writing materials for centuries.

molybdenum disulfide photo

So, what are the excellent properties of MoS2 in high temperature grease?

1)it can improve the bearing capacity of the grease and make the bearing capacity of the grease higher; 2) To enhance the effective performance of the grease, the grease added with moly disulfide has better performance and wider application range; 3)it can improve the high temperature performance of the grease, and the solid lubricant has the performance of bearing high temperature.

Let's take a look at the application fields of molybdenum disulfide grease:

1. Suitable for lubrication of sliding and rolling bearings, chains and gears under various high temperature, medium speed and heavy load conditions.

2. Suitable for the lubrication of rolling bearings under high temperature, low speed and heavy load conditions, such as the lubrication of kiln axles such as ceramics, electric porcelain, brick and tile tunnel kilns, and chains and bearings of some baking equipment. 

molybdenum disulfide photo

3. Suitable for lubrication of chains, bearings or gears in high temperature ovens, drying machinery, etc.

4. Suitable for the lubrication of chains and bearings of stretching tenters and heat-setting machines. 

5. Suitable for lubrication and noise reduction of large motors and high temperature drying room transmission bearings.

6. Suitable for high temperature heating furnaces, including cloth frame, lithography and enamel metal frame furnaces.

Chinatungsten produces moly disulfide specially used for lubricating grease according to the particularity of the grease industry, and strictly controls the particle size, particle size dispersion, water and other indicators. The products have been recognized by well-known enterprises in the world, and have reached long-term and stable cooperative relations.


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