The Usages and Production Process of Molybdenum Wire

molybdenum wire photo As a typical molybdenum product, molybdenum wire is a kind of thin wire after forging and drawing of molybdenum rod. With high purity of more than 99.95% and owing the advantages of molybdenum metal, it can be widely used in the various fields. 

Generally, the diameter is between 0.02-12.00mm. It is worth mentioning that, in order to further improve the its performance and expand its application range, manufacturers often add lanthanum, yttrium and other rare earth elements in its manufacture.

molybdenum wire photo

In terms of physical and chemical properties, the color of moly wire is silver gray or black (surface covered with graphite), with higher melting point, higher density, higher tensile strength, lower resistivity, and lower thermal expansion, coefficient, small elongation, good high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It should be noted that when heated in air, it will react with oxygen; the overall performance of doped wires is generally better than that of pure wires

From the production process point of view, pure wire is a kind of product that uses hot and cold drawing combined process to process high temperature molybdenum raw material into filament. The production method of doped wire is a solid-liquid doping method, that is, adding an appropriate amount of solid solution metal elements and rare earth oxides to solid molybdenum dioxide, then mixing evenly, and finally performing hydrogen reduction and isostatic pressing. , sintering, hammer tandem, hot wire drawing, annealing and cold wire drawing.

molybdenum wire photo

In terms of usages, moly wire is generally used for winding core wire, bracket, lead wire, electronic tube reed, grid, heating element, molybdenum foil belt, wire cutting high temperature components, auto parts spraying, etc.

In terms of storage methods, molybdenum wire is generally placed in a ventilated and cool place with low humidity and temperature to avoid oxidation. In addition, the problem of poor verticality may occur when it is left for more than 6 months.


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