Types of Molybdenum Crucibles Manufactured by Different Processes

molybdenum crucibles photo Molybdenum is a refractory metal known for its excellent strength at high temperatures, high melting point of 2610 ℃, and high corrosion resistance. 

This high melting point makes molybdenum ideal for use as evaporation boats or crucibles, and for processing nuclear fuel pellets at temperatures up to 1650°C. products made of molybdenum are durable enough to withstand repeated rough handling.

Molybdenum will not oxidize to any significant degree below 400 ℃ in air or an oxygen-containing atmosphere. At 400 ℃ and above, molybdenum oxide forms and begins to sublime. It is recommended that for high temperature applications, except for brief periods of time, fusion should be performed in a vacuum or an inert atmosphere. The crucible can then be heated to approximately 1700°C. 

molybdenum crucibles photo

The crucible is made of molybdenum powder, and the operating temperature is 1100℃~1700℃. Its high corrosion resistance to most acids and many molten materials makes it ideal for the metallurgical, mechanical and rare earth smelting industries. They can withstand vacuum thermal evaporation, nuclear fuel sintering, and capacitor sintering; can be used in LED sapphire crystal growth and chemical industries; and are increasingly used in evolving high-tech industries and crystal materials.

There are four main types of crucibles made by different processes:

1.Pressed and sintered crucibles

The powder is pressed and sintered into the final shape. They are one of the most popular types of crucibles.

2. Spin-formed crucibles

Large molybdenum plate blanks are hot spun formed to the specified product geometry

3. Milled crucibles

Material blanks are processed into final products. it is also very popular.

4. Riveting crucible

For large crucibles with thin walls, we recommend this kind of crucible. 

molybdenum crucibles photo

Chinatungsten Online can provide customized molybdenum crucibles according to customers' drawings, and we can also provide solutions for your research. We have a vertically integrated supply chain capable of refining molybdenum powder, pressing and sintering ingots, and cleaning crucibles.


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