Why Tungsten Crucibles and Molybdenum Crucibles Are Used for Sapphire Crystal Growth?

crucibles for sapphire crystal growth photoCrystal growth is the foundation of many cutting-edge technologies such as sapphire touchscreens, LED lighting components, solar cells and high-power lasers. Corrosion resistance, creep resistance and high temperature properties enable tungsten and molybdenum crucibles to be used for high temperature sapphire crystal growth processes.

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Crucibles made of tungsten and molybdenum materials perform well in the heat exchanger method (HEM) process for melting and solidification of single crystals. Better sapphire yield and quality can be achieved when the sapphire is easy to extract. Chinatungsten Online's tungsten and molybdenum-based crucibles feature heat resistance and smooth surfaces, making them durable and cost-effective. They are also corrosion resistant and have a high material density.

The crucible is made of tungsten or molybdenum material with high surface roughness. When the surface of the crucible is rough, the sapphire is not easy to be taken out, and the crystal is easily damaged. In addition, the crucible is also damaged in the process. Therefore, the surface smoothness of the crucible needs to be guaranteed during the production process, and sapphire manufacturers can also benefit from this product because it eliminates complex and costly processes. In addition, the smooth surface resists corrosion caused by aggressive fused sapphire, which can extend the life of reusable crucibles.

crucibles for sapphire crystal growth photo

In addition, during the production process, the purity of the finished product needs to be guaranteed. The high-purity crucible will not contaminate the single crystal and ensure the quality of the finished single crystal.

Chinatungsten Online/CTIA GROUP LED has extensive expertise in powder metallurgy and has developed high-purity and high-density crucibles with uniform wall and bottom thicknesses, which are key prerequisites for excellent creep resistance. Molybdenum and tungsten crucibles are developing in multiple dimensions. Many customers and major manufacturers around the world have successfully used these crucibles.


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