Molybdenum Copper Heat Sinks for Gallium Arsenide in Defense Industries

Controlling heat dissipation in sealed equipment housing electronic components is a major challenge in the electronics industry. Molybdenum copper and tungsten copper composite materials are engineered through wrought powder technology to provide higher thermal conductivity and highly controllable thermal expansion, so as to meet the requirements of the applications. 

Key applications for molybdenum copper materials include heat sink materials, bases, substrates, heat sinks, machined components and material blanks. Among them, molybdenum copper heat sinks are widely used in microwave carriers, ceramic substrate carriers, laser diode brackets, optical packaging, power packaging, butterfly packaging and crystal carriers for solid-state lasers.

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Due to its excellent thermal conductivity and controlled thermal expansion, molybdenum-copper/tungsten-copper composites are the preferred materials for gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors in defense industries such as advanced active radar, electronic countermeasures and interfering devices. Additionally, molybdenum copper thermal management materials can be shaped and easily plated with nickel or gold, and have excellent through-thickness thermal conductivity compared to other products.

Heat sink materials can provide different thermal expansion rates. Chinatungsten Online can design for specific I/C materials. While our molybdenum-copper and tungsten-copper materials are available in standard chemistry steps of 5%, we have the expertise to manufacture custom engineered products in small batches to allow for very specific expansion rates and CTE matched custom compositions.

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Since the surface laminate CPC is pure copper, it has an excellent initial heat dissipation effect on the surface. We provide a variety of molybdenum copper grades according to customer needs, including CM-15, PCM30, PCM35, PCM40, RCM60, CPC141, CPC232, CPC111, CPC212, CPC-300, Mo90Cu10, Mo80Cu20, Mo75Cu25, Mo70Cu30, Mo60Cu40, Mo50Cu50. Other different grades can also be customized. Kindly contact us directly by email or WeChat for more details. 


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