Molybdenum Copper Base Plates Are Used for Electronic Packaging Thanks to its Good CTE

molybdenum copper base plates photoElectronic packaging technology refers to the manufacturing process in which one or more chips are packaged and connected into circuit devices. 

As an important interface connecting chips and systems, and an important part of devices and electrical appliances, it has gradually integrated into chip manufacturing technology and system integration technology from providing mechanical support, protection and electrical and thermal connection functions for chips in the early days. With the development trend of miniaturization and high integration of electronic products, it is gradually entering the era of microelectronic packaging.

molybdenum copper base plates photo

Electronic packaging is a casing for installing semiconductor integrated circuit chips, which not only plays the role of placing, fixing, sealing, protecting the chip and enhancing thermal conductivity, but also a bridge between the internal world of the chip and the external circuit. The main functions are power distribution, signal distribution, heat dissipation channels, mechanical support and environmental protection.

As power, speed and performance requirements increase, heat dissipation in sealed devices housing sensitive electronic components is one of the biggest challenges facing the microelectronics industry. Proper material selection is fundamental to efficient thermal management solutions, with advanced thermal management materials such as molybdenum copper (MoCu), copper/molybdenum copper (CMC) and tungsten copper (WCu), which have a high thermal conductivity and CTE can be tailored by adjusting the Mo/Cu ratio to closely match those of die materials.

molybdenum copper base plates photo

Our thermal management products including molybdenum copper base plates, sub-mounts, subsites, heat sinks and shims, are EDM, milled or stamped to precise dimensions and dimensions, and then plated. Our products consistently exceed customer expectations for quality, workmanship standards (especially corners and edges), plating requirements and ease of use.

Easily adaptable to customer specific designs, Chinatungsten Online is a cost-effective solution to improve long-term reliability in power, RF, laser, and any application where thermal management is critical to long-term reliability.


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