China’s Ferro Molybdenum Price - December 15, 2021

molybdenum electrode image China’s ferro molybdenum price edges lower while molybdenum concentrate and sodium molybdate remains unchanged on December 15, 2021. Given the limited increase in the supply of raw materials and the average price of steel tenders, the market tends to be in a stalemate. 

In the molybdenum concentrate market, the fundamentals of supply and demand are average. Although ferro molybdenum merchants are less willing to receive goods than at the beginning of this month, molybdenum mining companies are generally more reluctant to sell and are supported by low raw material stocks and production costs.

In the ferro molybdenum market, the slow growth of bulk orders was mainly due to the centralized bidding of steel companies at the end of November and early December and the current low-price sources of supply are difficult to obtain. However, some steel companies are still willing to stock up to ensure that companies. It can be in normal production and operation on Christmas and New Year's Day.

In the molybdenum chemical and its products market, there is no significant change in the market for the time being. The lack of driving capacity in the upstream market and the international market is the main reason for the weak increase in the price of molybdenum chemical products. However, the end customers basically maintain rigid procurement, which can reduce the market decline to a large extent. 

In the news: As of December 11, 2021, the cumulative crude steel production in the United States in 2021 will be 89.989 million net tons, and the capacity utilization rate will be 81.6%, an increase of 19.4% year-on-year. In the same period of 2020, they were 75.281 million net tons and 68.1%.

Prices of molybdenum products on December 15, 2021

China’s ferro molybdenum price image

Picture of molybdenum electrode 

molybdenum electrode image

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