China Molybdenum Price - December 10, 2021

molybdenum bar image China molybdenum price rebounded in the week ended on Friday, December 10, 2021 as traders’ confidence was boosted under the imbalanced relationship between supply and demand. 

In the molybdenum concentrate market, the overall trading atmosphere is good. With the limited increase in raw material supply, ferro molybdenum merchants are more enthusiastic about inquiries and purchases, which has greatly increased the desire of holders to increase prices and deliver goods.

In the ferromolybdenum market, the fundamentals are acceptable. The rising price of steel and the willingness of molybdenum mining companies to ship are the main reasons for the increase in the enthusiasm. However, steel prices are not high and the international molybdenum market is weak and stable. Iron prices rose again, creating greater resistance.

In the molybdenum chemical and its products market, there is no significant fluctuation in the market for the time being, and the price of products has risen with the increase in the price of raw materials. However, in order to reasonably control positions, the end customers mainly purchase on demand.

In the news: in late November 2021, the steel inventory of key steel companies was 12.484 million tons, a month-on-month decrease of 1,442,900 tons, a decrease of 10.36%; a decrease of 360,600 tons from the end of the previous month, a decrease of 2.81%; an increase of 2,306,200 tons from the beginning of the year. An increase of 19.84%; an increase of 863,300 tons over the same period last year, an increase of 7.43%.

Prices of molybdenum products on December 10, 2021

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Picture of molybdenum bar 

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