TZM Hot Runner Nozzle Is the Best Solution for Plastics Industry

TZM hot runner nozzle picture Hot runner system is a molten plastic conveying unit used with an injection mould, bringing the molten plastic from the barrel of an injection molding machine into the cavities of the mould under high pressure, and then cooling and solidifying to obtain various products of plastics industry. 

With its advantages of fast production speed, high efficiency, diverse product shapes and precise dimensions, hot runner system enables the implementation of a very broad range of applications.

TZM rod picture

The nozzle, as a very important component of the system, can be heated to ensure the plastic maintains the temperature continuously through the mold. Many plastic products would require very high precise processing temperatures. If the temperature is too high, the material may be damaged; if the temperature is too low, the product will harden and cannot flow optimally into the mold. Therefore, the heat transfer in the hot runner nozzle is very important.

TZM rod picture

In conventional metals such as steel, the thermal conductivity is insufficient. Although copper has a high thermal conductivity, it cannot withstand the abrasion of plastics. TZM (Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum) has an extremely high thermal conductivity of 140W/mK, and has excellent temperature and corrosion resistance and processing mechanical properties. It can meet the requirements of long-term use of hot runners at high temperatures. Moreover, with their large variety of melt-channel diameters, nozzle lengths and gate geometries, the TZM nozzles can produce various kinds and shapes of plastic products. 

TZM hot runner nozzle picture

In addition, TZM is easier to machine than titanium. If a particularly high level of material hardness is required, we can further harden TZM after machining. Therefore, the TZM material is the most suitable material for making hot runner nozzle. 

The advantages of TZM hot runner nozzle:

1. Uniform temperature management

2. Optimal thermal separation

3. Easy installation and security against leaks

4. Outstanding insulation in the front nozzle area

5. Applications up to a process temperature of 450°C

6. Up to 50% energy saving


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