China Molybdenum Price - June 11, 2020

molybdenum bar image China molybdenum price remains stable on June 11, 2020 under intricate economies both at home and abroad and geopolitical instability. Market participants are cautious and trading activity increases. 

Transactions increase in the molybdenum concentrate market. On the one hand, the raw material price is in a low level, attracting more consumers to purchase; on the other hand, mining enterprises have strong rised mentality as the stock is kept in a low level. 

The ferro molybdenum market becomes active due to proactive bidding of steel companies. Market price may continue to rise in the short term under the good performance in the raw material markets. The fundamentals are still weak in the molybdenum chemical and its product market. There are not many new favorable support points, which make it difficult for the end customer's demand to be boosted. In addition, the holders' willingness to make profits is not high and only few new orders are concluded. 

Prices of molybdenum products on June 11, 2020

China molybdenum price image

Picture of molybdenum bar 

molybdenum bar image

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