Molybdenum Concentrate Price - Jan. 09, 2018

molybdenum concentrate pictureConsidering the short supply of molybdenum raw material and high market price in China, molybdenum concentrate price is expected to rise. With the support of high raw material price, quotation from downstream enterprises may continue to be raised and increase of actual transaction prices will depend on trading volume. 

For now, steel biddings will continue to raise ferromolybdenum price. Meanwhile, the mentality of traders needs to be concerned. If profit-taking shows in the market, the rise of ferromolybdenum price will be limited. Transaction prices of molybdenum chemical and products would be in the upward trend due to the rigid demand. 

Prices of molybdenum products on Jan. 09, 2018

molybdenum concentrate price picture

Picture of molybdenum concentrate

molybdenum concentrate picture

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