Ammonium Molybdate Price - Jan. 08, 2018

ammonium molybdate pictureMolybdenum market quotation: the latest price of molybdenum concentrate, ammonium molybdate and molybdenum powder rises slightly. Short supply of molybdenum concentrate is the main reason for high prices at present. At the same time, under the background of improved downstream demand and sharp rise of international molybdenum price, molybdenum concentrate price is expected to keep upward trend this week.

 As the current market trend of raw material will be hard to change in the short term, enterprisers of ferromolybdenum, molybdenum chemical and products would be reluctant to sell this week. Before the Spring Festival, molybdenum enterprises is quickening pace for stocking up, and then actual transaction prices may continue to rise.

Prices of molybdenum products on Jan. 08, 2018

ammonium molybdate  prices picture

Picture of ammonium molybdate 

ammonium molybdate picture

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