Molybdenum Powder Price - Jan. 04, 2018

molybdenum powder pictureMolybdenum market quotation: the latest price of molybdenum concentrate, molybdenum powder and molybdenum oxide rises slightly due to the improvement of market demand in China. While most of manufacturers have not yet returned to the market after the Christmas, so European molybdenum market is thin now.

Downstream enterprises need high-volume purchases for molybdenum concentrate. But due to the environmental protection policy and cold winter, production rate in mines declines sharply, resulting tight supply of raw material. At the current market, high quotation and fewer transactions coexist. 

After the Christmas, international molybdenum price is higher than in domestic and most insiders wait and see. Demand for ferromolybdenum in China improves, part of steel mills start to replenish stocks. It is reported that a steel mill in Shanxi start a new round of biddings for ferromolybdenum, with the quantity of 260 tons. The price remains unknown.

Supported by shortage of raw material supply and rigid demand, quotations in domestic molybdenum market keep going up. Under the background of active steel biddings, ferro molybdenum price will be likely to rise. Downstream molybdenum enterprises may raise prices of molybdenum chemical and products affected by high production cost.

Prices of molybdenum products on Jan. 04, 2018

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Picture of molybdenum powder

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