Molybdenum Dioxide Price - Jan. 03, 2017

molybdenum oxide pictureMolybdenum market quotation: the latest price of molybdenum dioxide, molybdenum concentrate and sodium heptamolybdate is unchanged from the previous trading day. Chinese molybdenum market is stable, enterprises have strong rised mentality, but trading volume is thin. 

As the environmental protection policy reducing production is continuing, short supply of molybdenum concentrate makes mines’ quotation maintain at high level.  The shortage of raw material and increased demand in the downstream market accelerate the consumption of early stocks of ferromolybdenum. The ferro molybdenum market shows good momentum and the price tends to rise. As for the molybdenum deep processing market, affected by high production cost, market quotation shows signs of increase. 

Prices of molybdenum products on Jan. 03, 2017

molybdenum product prices picture

Picture of molybdenum dioxide

molybdenum oxide picture

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