China Molybdenum Development Difficulties

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The development difficulties of China Molybdenum Industry are focused on lacking of systematic and whole research and development, patent and technicians problem, and market information spreading speed, etc.

molybdenum metal image

There is one main reason for China molybdenum industry, which is the technology is staying in sharing status. Most factories tend to get the corporate technology by sharing from other companies, but not investing money and time for research. Imitating and introducing have been two main methods for a factory to get the molybdenum processing technologies, and these ways can only solve part of and short-time technology shortage.

In order to produce value added molybdenum deep processing parts, there are some questions to be solved in China.

  1. Remove impurities from the step of roasting molybdenum concentrate to improve the purity of molybdenum metal.
  2. Research on the molybdenum chemicals’ grade, content, grain size, shape ect, which can influence the deep processing molybdenum metals quality.
  3. Decrease the pollution during roasting molydates and reducing molybdenum trioxide for the purity improvement of molybdenum powder, which is the raw material of moly finished products.
  4. Research on ammonium tetramolybdate and ammonium molybdate as raw material for catalyst used high purity molybdenum trioxide, molybdenum powder and molybdenum metals influencing, to find out the suitable one for finished parts processing.
  5. Analyze customers requirement, information and development orientation, to find out better ways to meet customized parts demand, and promote the competitiveness of Chinese molybdenum corporate.

Deep processing on molybdenum metal can be a target for China molybdenum to transform from raw material providing. This is to for China Mo industry to set up complete molybdenum processing system from molybdenum chemicals to deep processing parts. The high quality deep processing molybdenum parts are also a sign to show the quality of raw material technology improvement. Furthermore, it helps establish a complete talent system to introduce more technicians.


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