Will Sapphire Laser Applications Become a Gold Mine?

Recently, the long-rumored Apple Watch will be launched in March 2015. In 2014, after the release of lackluster iphone 6, Apple Watch is considered to be Apple's "save face" big move. Although iphone 6  is not too much of a surprise, but it is really made of a fire sapphire screen. The upcoming release of Apple Watch will also use protective sapphire glass.

Zhao Xu, deputy general manager of Intech Technology Display Business Division,said: "The biggest problem facing the sapphire screen is cost-effective, more than ten times the cost of tempered glass on the other hand, to be used as a mobile phone screen, sapphire crystal growth must be large enough at present. there are still many technical difficulties. in addition to the technical and cost reasons, but also restricts the development of the supply chain sapphire screen, where crystal growth, cutting, etc. to be resolved. to break through the problem with the supply chain, in addition to providing sub-technology annealing outside, still laser cutting and thinning the continued development of laser equipment, the future will provide drilling, cutting, and other aspects of the surrounding equipment. with the synergy of supply chain partners, sapphire screen used in smart phones will be popular now reduce costs has become sapphire the most important issue facing the screen future domestic and foreign brands, such as Apple, Samsung, LG and Huawei will spur a new round of application boom sapphire screen. "

As smart phones increasingly strong demand for differentiated, and actively into the mainstream brands, and a new round of high tide or sapphire application will come, followed by the traditional processing methods for a new challenge, laser processing homeopathy became the dominant choice. The relevant laser companies have begun the layout of the relevant technology and equipment areas:

HGLaser: sapphire ultrafast laser precision cutting machine.

Equipped with imported ultrafast lasers, high precision, small heat-affected zone, no glitches and edge processing residue, a variety of materials for precision drilling, cutting machines and other designated slot micro processing.

● High accuracy and fast scanning galvanometer, high precision, small heat-affected zone, good long-term stability;
● Equipped with optical marble platform, high-speed high-precision linear motor and vacuum adsorption system, processing speed, good rate;
● Have rangefinder CCD automatic alignment feature exclusive cutting friendly software interface, can be any shape cutting, drilling, punching, etc;
● Non-contact processing, no need to replace consumables, low cost.

Applications: Mobile Sapphire HOME key cutting, camera lens protection cutting.

Precision Laser Systems Division general manager HGLaser Lihua said: "In the consumer electronics industry applications 3C, sapphire home button and cover key applications such as window films has been very mature, HGLaser standards in volume to the client machine also; sapphire screen applications, difficult process mainly includes three aspects, one laser precision for chipping impact; the second is the intensity of the laser processing to the screen edge effects; and finally chamfering also need to continue to optimize the industrial chain, according to the current situation in perspective. sapphire glass screen and high hardness is the trend of large-scale applications. the whole industry chain also focus on the core technology breakthroughs, HGLaser also actively cooperate with partners, to capture the screen during processing production problems. "

Han's Laser: HanMicro7615 automatic sapphire laser cutting machine

● Use of high-power picosecond laser quasi (OEM), is more suitable for sapphire processing
● Sapphire Thickness: <0.9mm
● Sapphire chipping quality: <0.05mm
● High efficiency cutting: 5s @ φ10mm (T = 0.3mm) wafer
● Automatic duplex, each multi-station machining laser head at the same time

Application: Sapphire Windows tablets, Home key processing, sapphire screen
Ted laser: Precision laser cutting system
● Wide Adaptability / Flexibility
Configuring 355nm UV laser, 532nm green laser, 1064nm and 1064nm nanosecond picosecond laser, to meet the different needs of different materials processing.
● Security / Safety
Processing area fully enclosed design, ensure the safety process.
● High precision / High accuracy
Marble pedestal with a linear motor, CCD positioning to ensure X, Y-axis positioning accuracy of ± 2um.
● High speed / High speed
Equipped with a scanning head, optional speed 8000mm / s, to achieve high productivity.
● Automation / Automation
Open interface designed to meet the needs of all types of automation.
1, suitable for sapphire, glass, ceramics precision cutting;
2, for FPC, PCB board precision cutting and drilling;
3, suitable for precision cutting all types of metal and non-metal thin plate.

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