Five Rules of Picking Sapphire

First, how many colors of sapphire?

Although sapphire blue attributive word, but it is not only the blue color. In fact, that is, except for ruby sapphire, corundum other colors collectively. So in addition to blue, as well as pink, pink, yellow, green and white sapphire. These colors are among the most popular blue. But pink, orange sapphire is very rare and highly valued.

Second, where the production of better quality sapphire?

The main origin of Kashmir sapphire has, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, and China's Shandong Changle. Among them, Sri Lanka and Kashmir sapphire general was microstrip purple indigo, bright colors and pure, high transparency, good quality, worthy of collection. Australia, Changle sapphire is more common in the market, but they are poor transparency, impurities, by optimizing the way the business will make them lighter color to enhance value. So we see Changle sapphire, are generally treated optimization.

Third, if the business a good impression, then how to identify it?

Indeed this is the case, the more common imitation products are crystal, topaz, zircon, fluorite glass. But imitation is not imitate sapphire hardness and density. In addition to diamond, sapphire is the most hard minerals, hardness of the diamond 10, the hardness of sapphire is 9, the hardness of the crystal was 7. Therefore, sapphire glass can be used to draw, you can not imitate, can be regarded as one of the identification method. Secondly, the identification certificate is official bodies sapphire quality assurance.

Four, what is optimized sapphire? Sapphire is not optimized value is not high?

This method is very common, it can be said, 90 percent of the market are optimized sapphire, natural minimal. That is, by heating to change the color of gemstones, also known as heat treatment. Because optimization is a very common practice, it does not change the structure of the texture of sapphire, so in accordance with international practice, optimized sapphire at the time of sale can not explain, you can not do on the certificate of authenticity label. If a single say "deal", then it is more than the heating method, there are populated staining, etc., these glorified sapphire treated, to be marked on the certificate of authenticity "Sapphire (processing)" words.

Fifth, when the selection of sapphire what standard?

Of course, according to the 4C criteria or selection of sapphire. 4C namely: color, clarity, cut and weight. First look at the color and fire. More vivid the color, the more pure uniform, the higher the saturation, the more collectible gem. Second, look at clarity, it is to see there is no impurities, blemishes and cracks. Then we see the cut. If faceted sapphire, depending on whether the symmetrical facets, as well as the overall proportion of gem cutting. Finally, in the former case several conditions are similar, sapphire bigger the better.


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