What Is Sapphire Glass


Sapphire glass new type of clear screen that Apple introduced with the iPhone 5s. However, it isn’t used on thesapphire crystal main display but the Touch ID Home Button. This is actually a clear see-through mini screen with a camera behind it that scans your finger. According to Apple, “The button itself is made from Sapphire Crystal, one of the clearest, hardest substances known to man. It protects the sensor and acts as a lens”.

Where it gets interesting is that Apple seems to be gearing up to make Sapphire Glass in huge quantities. But why? What is Sapphire glass and why  is it is important to Apple?

Sapphire glass not actually glass for starters. As the name suggests its Sapphire, synthetic Sapphire to be precise. fine alumina powder is added to an oxyhydrogen flame,. The process was invented in 1902 by French chemist Auguste Verneuil.

Sapphire crystal is astonishingly sturdy. Sapphire has a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which puts it in the same place as titanium carbide. For reference 1 is talc and 10 is diamond. So Sapphire Glass is pretty sturdy stuff.

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