Financial Subsidies to Chinese LED Market Effects Appear More Rational


Market research firm TrendForce 's research department LEDinside27 June released a report that fiscal yearLED lighting China 's semiconductor lighting management products released subsidies to promote the project has been officially opening, the finalists had a significant reduction in costs and prices, the mainstream Chinese LED lighting industry level has also been improved, the future face of foreign competition in China's domestic manufacturers in the Chinese market has been inevitable.

From the quote , the outdoor lighting street lamps and tunnel lamps, the average cost per watt has reached 11 yuan or so, compared to the general product 15-18 yuan / W 's market price has been significantly reduced. The bid opening price is significantly lower than the market price , it reflects the effectiveness of direct financial subsidies. The interior lighting is low cost to 7 yuan / W level , and this value is close to LEDinside predict indoor lighting market started the critical point , driven by financial subsidies , consumers assume prices will decline further to 5 yuan / W, is expected to have a relatively good level of market acceptance .

The shortlisted vendors offer relatively more rational , in the new tender rules , due to the current high level of quality and efficiency light fixtures manufacturers homogenization design standards , and thus become a major factor affecting power offer .

Successful companies are expected to further open the market by means of financial subsidies , to enhance market penetration through the terminal to the LED industry to open more to the sea, to ease the current stage of industry overcapacity . From the opening results, because in the light efficiency and light specifications are not overly restrictive , thus benefiting the Chinese market generally wafer and packaging manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers have a chance to better value for money, boost sales and gain a larger share of subsidies , and promote the rapid development of Chinese industry chain upstream .

After this tender , the market price will be more standardized and transparent , will inevitably limit the number of quotes and high sky lighting businesses conduct business kickbacks , thereby enhancing consumer understanding of the LED lamps price level , increasing confidence in the LED lighting products .

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