LED Standard LED Heavy Constraints on How The National Standard,"The Times?


LED lighting standards has been a hot topic in the industry . According to statistics, the National StandardizationLED lighting Technical Committee under the jurisdiction of LED lighting electrical standards , has issued cloth LED national Standard 11 , the industry standard 2 ; being developed national standards for six of LED , the industry standard 2 ; involved in LED -related 25 national standards , industry standards 1 . But how to make these standards play its due role , the industry needs further efforts .

Let LED National Standard "Times "

Have to admit , China's LED industry is still in its early stages of development , about 80 % of the products focus on landscape lighting, traffic lights and other application markets , the promotion of the general lighting market is still being . As of the end of 2011 , China had more than 3,000 LED enterprises , of which only 140 million yuan annual output value . However, in this 140 companies, no one company's products with annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan , more than 500 million yuan is also only a few . Visible scale of China's LED industry, the promotion of standardization is still heavily constrained .

Consequence of the low threshold is mixed enterprises , the development of the industry will inevitably lead to disorderly chaos . Industry does not regulate the objective is caused by a disorderly market competition , but it also requires the national macro-control this " invisible hand " carried out support and guidance as to promote the industry, such as the excessive influence of traditional LED lighting industry employment, conflict between central and local policies , industry standards , testing and certification mechanism of mutual "fight" , national standards, industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards are not uniform , and even local protectionism , and so on , by the company from "good offices" I'm afraid not realistic.

In fact , LED industry in order to promote their healthy development and scale must be served to establish a line with the national standards, including national standards, technical standards, testing standards, certification standards , and so on , "no rules no standards ." that is the truth. As the LED industry, the industry recognized the lack of national standards , testing systems are not yet established , not only cause the LED industry enterprises was mixed, but also resulted in LED product quality varies greatly, deceptive advertising and other unfair competition , resulting in the current LED industry disorderly competition and intensified. Some enterprises reflect the parameters detected by the two test devices are inconsistent, because it is not a standard test equipment used in the two standards are not uniform result is brought about product quality, performance can vary hugely .

Development of China's LED industry must rely on the boot of product standards and energy efficiency standards and other national standards . Introduction and implementation of national standards and testing system, not only conducive to quality, improving the life of LED products, but also conducive to quality, heavy brand of LED enterprises to expand market share , more conducive to technical strength , the strength of the LED channels enterprises bigger and stronger , and technology upgrades LED industry.

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