China Molybdenum Price - Sep. 5, 2022

molybdenum boat photo At the beginning of the week, China molybdenum price remains unchanged when the whole market is quiet. In the case of low downstream demand and low spot inventory of molybdenum raw materials, suppliers basically maintained firm quotations. 

The prices of molybdenum concentrate and ferromolybdenum were consolidated at around 2,660 yuan/ton and 178,000 yuan/ton respectively.

According to Chinatungsten Online, the main reason for the decrease in market demand compared to the previous two weeks is: as the price of molybdenum raw materials increases, buyers are more afraid of high prices; in the early stage, most downstream users purchased molybdenum raw materials in large quantities, so they has kept low willingness to receive the goods recently. The main reason for the lack of loose spot supply in the market is the frequent high temperature and heavy rains and the approaching of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the production capacity release of many molybdenum production enterprises has been reduced.

In terms of news: in late August, the social inventory of 5 major types of steel products in 21 cities was 9.19 million tons, down 5.6% from the previous month, down 14.4% from the end of July, up 16.6% from the beginning of the year, and down 23.1% from the previous year. By region, inventory in South China decreased by 6.5% month-on-month, in Central China by 12.1%, in Northwest China by 13.8%, in Central China by 2.7%, in North China by 5.5%, in Southwest China by 2.2%, and by 3.2% in Northeast China.

Prices of molybdenum products on Sep. 5, 2022

China molybdenum price photo

Picture of molybdenum boat 

molybdenum boat photo

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