What Do You Know About the Applications of Molybdenum Foil?

molybdenum foil photo What is molybdenum foil? 

Normally, a plate with thickness less than 0.1mm will be called foil. It is lightweight and flexible, and is produced by powder metallurgy with purity more than 99.95%. Chinatungsten Online has sophisticated production equipment, which can produce moly foil according to the thickness, surface condition and tolerance required by customers. 

molybdenum foil photo

Mo foil applications 

Molybdenum can withstand extremely high temperatures without significantly changing, expanding or softening. This ability makes its engagement in high temperature situations very useful. Therefore, molybdenum metal can be used in the manufacture of armor, aircraft parts, industrial motors, filaments and electrical contacts.

Originally, molybdenum is primarily used as an alloying agent in steel. However, in 1906, William D. Coolidge applied for a patent to make molybdenum ductile, thereby being used as heating elements (molybdenum rods) and shields (molybdenum sheets) in high-temperature furnaces. Molybdenum sheets are also used in the manufacture of missiles and aircraft parts and in the nuclear power industry.

With the advance of technology, thinner sheets are available that is foil. Molybdenum foil is often used for heat and x-ray shielding, production of drawn parts, electronic components, metalizing sources, furnace insulation, and chemically etched parts, and has the ability to be etched into fine patterns, making it useful in the semiconductor industry.

molybdenum foil photo

In addition, Mo foils are desirable for space applications. They may be used as a substrate for the fabrication of CdS-CdTe solar cells. Interaction of selenium, arsenic hydrides, stibine and bismuthine with Mo foil was investigated by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Furthermore, they may be used to generate metal diffusion bonding in silicon carbide/silicon carbide (SiC/SiC) joints.

Mo foil packaging 

Considering the thin thickness of the foil, it has to be carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.


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