Molybdenum Foil for Applications of Electronic and Semiconductor Components

molybdenum foil photo Molybdenum foil means thickness ranging from 0.002mm to 0.1mm, which is manufactured by cold rolling molybdenum sheet to a lower thickness. The typical thickness is 0.03mm to 0.1mm which is cold rolled by 20 rolls reversible mill. Normally, 0.01mm thickness is rarely found in the market and the MOQ for customized size is 3kgs. 

Molybdenum has a melting point of 2,623 °C, and has high modulus of elasticity. It is very popular because of its extremely high melting point and relative flexibility. When combined with steel and other metals, this combination makes the material highly resistant to extreme temperatures and chemical corrosion. This property is useful when dealing with energy applications, reactive chemicals, high-strength motors, filaments, industrial molds, and so on. 

molybdenum foil photo

Thanks to the characteristics of molybdenum metal, molybdenum foil has excellent tensile strength and elasticity at different temperatures, and has high heat resistance in a high temperature environment. Therefore, the product is ideal for high temperature vacuum furnace, coating, electronic and semiconductor component applications. In addition, the foil has an extremely low vapor pressure and high melting point, making it ideal for coating applications as evaporation boats.

All molybdenum foils provided by Chinatungsten Online/CTIA GROUP LED undergo various tests to meet customers’ requirements. We guarantee that the quality received by the customer has the required flatness, surface roughness, machinability. Our levelling and vacuum heat treatments ensure that our molybdenum products have high density and defect-free surfaces.

molybdenum foil photo

We are able to provide electropolishing, alkaline cleaning, polishing and molybdenum etching of surface treatment. Our knowledgeable engineers can ensure that our products meet every technical parameter required by our customers in various surface conditions. Strip, square and round foil with various sizes and surface conditions are welcomed to be customized. 


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