Molybdenum Crucible for Sapphire Growth Furnaces Improves Quality of Sapphire

molybdenum crucible image Crystal growth is the basis of many cutting edge technologies, such as sapphire touch screens, LED lighting components, solar cells, and high-power lasers. Only when the manufacturing and material processes are continuously improved, from raw materials to finished products, the changing requirements of the industry can only be met.

Corrosion resistance, creep resistance and high temperature performance make molybdenum made crucibles very suitable for high temperature crystal growth processes. When sapphire is easy to extract, higher sapphire yield and quality can be achieved. The molybdenum-based crucible has heat resistance and a smooth surface, making it durable and cost-effective.

molybdenum crucible image

The surface roughness of the molybdenum crucible needs to be higher than 1.6 µm. When the surface of the crucible is rough, the sapphire is not easy to take out and it is easy to damage the crystal. In addition, the crucible will be damaged in the process. Chinatungsten Online's ultra-smooth crucible eliminates these problems. Sapphire manufacturers can benefit from this product because it eliminates complex and expensive processes. In addition, the smooth surface is resistant to corrosion caused by aggressively molten sapphire. This function can extend the service life of reusable crucibles.

Molybdenum crucibles for sapphire growth furnaces are available with a variety of dimensions including round, in numerous standard diameters and wall thicknesses. Custom configurations are available. In addition, many other components for these furnaces are also customized. 

molybdenum crucible image

Molybdenum crucibles are in great demand. The reason for this demand is that the development of molybdenum is very complex and involves comprehensive knowledge of handling materials and setting up machines. Chinatungste’s integrated manufacturing process, quality system and metallurgical expertise ensure that we provide high-quality components for the crystal growth industry. if you have got any purchasing plan for them, please feel free to contact us. 


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