Molybdenum Can Increase the Strength and Hardness of Cast Iron

molybdenum parts image Molybdenum-base alloys and the metal itself have useful strength at temperatures above which most other metals and alloys are molten. The major use of molybdenum, however, is as an alloying agent in the production of ferrous and nonferrous alloys, to which it uniquely contributes hot strength and corrosion resistance, e.g., in jet engines, combustion liners, and afterburner parts. 

It is one of the most effective elements for increasing hardenability of iron and steel, and it also contributes to the toughness of quenched and tempered steels.

molybdenum parts image

Molybdenum can increase the strength and hardness of cast iron by lowering the pearlite transition temperature. It can also improve the high temperature strength and creep resistance of the material. Compared with molybdenum-free high-chromium cast iron, high-chromium cast iron containing 2-3% molybdenum has significantly higher impact toughness, and is very suitable for use in harsh wear conditions such as mining, grinding, and crushing. 

The performance of these cast iron castings is qualified, and expensive heat treatment is not necessary. It is a cost-effective alternative to other abrasive materials. The reduction in the content of austenite forming elements such as nickel and manganese also minimizes the retention of the low-temperature austenite phase that is a potential cause of premature component failure. 

molybdenum parts image

The application of high silicon-molybdenum ductile iron with a silicon content of up to 4% and a molybdenum content of 1% has aroused increasing interest. They have good strength at temperatures as high as 600°C and become feasible and cost-effective materials for high-temperature applications to replace higher alloyed steel materials, such as turbocharger housings, engine exhaust manifolds and heating furnace components as well as other applications.

Austenitic austempered ductile iron has a unique microstructure, its strength can exceed 1000 MPa (145 ksi), and it has good impact toughness. Their outstanding performance is very suitable for key applications such as large gears and crankshafts required for power generation, ship propulsion and large mining equipment.


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