Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) Applied in High Temperature Grease

high temperature grease image Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a well-known solid lubricant that is not only used popularly in aerospace and military applications, but also is common in various lubricating applications. 

It is widely used in greases and special grease products like pastes, in fluid lubricants such as automotive and industrial gear oils, in solid film lubricants, including but not limited to polishing film, sputter coating, resin bonding and impingement coatings. 

High temperature grease is a high-quality ultra-high temperature grease containing high-component molybdenum disulfide. It is specially made of high-quality base oil and organic thickening agent, no dropping point, does not melt at high temperatures, and does not coke or deposit carbon under high temperature conditions. Moly hi-temp grease has excellent mechanical, thermal stability and chemical resistance, which is suited to the harsh environment with wide contact temperature range and humidity.

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Molybdenum disulfide high temperature grease can be applied in various ordinary and anti-friction bearings and all other bearing surfaces, such as sliding surfaces, thrust bearings, rotary joints, heavy-duty thermal sliding sleeves and anti-friction bearings, especially suitable for high temperature lubrication in humid environment and chemical plant equipment. Its applicable range can reach -18°C ~204°C. 

Lithium molybdenum disulfide grease produced with mineral oil, its operating temperature is -20℃~120℃. A better molybdenum disulfide grease uses complex soap, called molybdenum disulfide complex lithium-based grease, its use temperature is -20℃~160℃. At present, the most advanced technology adopts synthetic base oil to produce fully synthetic molybdenum disulfide high temperature grease, its operating temperature is -40℃~220℃.

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Chinatungsten Online is a professional manufacturer of tungsten and molybdenum for more than two decades, the molybdenum disulfide we offer is used for various kinds of lubricating greases. The most common specifications are large particle, technical grade, technical fine and super fine. The selected particle size mainly depends on the actual applications. Meanwhile, if you have other requirements, kindly feel free to contact us. 


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