Advantages and Applications of Molybdenum Electrode for Glass Manufacture‎

molybdenum electrode image Molybdenum electrode is made of pure molybdenum material by powder metallurgy, which has very high purity of 99.95% minimum and a density of 10g/cm3 minimum to ensure the quality of finished glasses and the service life of electrode. 

In Chinatungsten Online, regular diameters of moly electrode range from 20mm to 155mm and the length can reach 1000mm or more, depending on the usage of clients. Usually, the electrode is machined with thread – outer thread or both outer and inner threads. Actually, the current moly electrode replaces original heavy oil and gas energy, effectively reducing environmental pollution and improving the quality of glass.

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The material of molybdenum is softer than tungsten material and has an incomparable modulus of elasticity with tungsten. Moreover, moly electrode has high melting point, good machining, corrosion resistance, low expansion, ultra-high strength and rigidity, excellent thermal conductivity, good ductility, easy manufacturing, low emissivity, low resistivity, low vapor pressure, etc.


Thanks to its superior characteristics, moly electrode can be applied in different fields. For example, it can be used for welding non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, nickel), such as copper braid for switches welding with metal sheet. And considering its high temperature strength, high temperature oxidation resistance, long service life, corrosion resistance and not easy to color glass, moly electrode is widely used in daily-use glass, optical glass, insulation materials, glass fiber, rare earth industry and other fields.

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The impurity and grain size of molybdenum powder directly affect the performance of the electrode, and the addition of trace rare earth alloy elements to the electrode can improve the particle size and performance of the molybdenum electrode. At the same time, the selection of raw materials and process control in the process of preparing molybdenum electrodes also affect the performance of the product to varying degrees.

Chinatungsten Online is a professional manufacturer of tungsten and molybdenum with more than 20 years’ producing experience. The Glass Melting Electrodes (GMEs) we provided has very high purity and long service life.  <


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