Molybdenum Electrode in Rare Earth Smelting: Use the Current to Extreme

molybdenum electrode image As an important component of rare earth smelting, molybdenum electrode’s performance and service life are very important. While the uniformity and level of electrode density and impurity content are important factors affecting rare earth smelting. 

Compared with other materials of electrodes, molybdenum electrode has less smelting metal pollution and longer service life. Therefore, moly electrode is widely used in the rare earth industry now. 

molybdenum electrode image

The molybdenum electrodes provided by Chinatungsten Online are formed by isostatic pressing, forging to various of types after sintering with medium frequency furnace and then turning, rolling, planning and milling. Our company has been producing molybdenum electrode for over two decades, and has been committed to improving the performance of moly electrode. We can provide customized products according to customers' requirements and drawings. The development and application of different types of electrodes is an important achievement.

A.Molybdenum Electrode 

Appearance: Silver gray metallic luster; no defects, such as lose side, lost corner, divide layer and crackle

Density: > 9.8g/cm3;

Purity: Mo≥99.95%

Dimension: Customized based on drawings of clients

Typical applications: Electro-heat equipment in glass fiber kilns

molybdenum electrode image

B.Molybdenum Electrode Plate

Appearance: Dark brown, silver gray metallic luster if washed by alkali 

Purity: Mo≥99.95% 

Density: >10.15g/cm3

Dimension: T(3-25)xW(25-500)xL(25-500)mm or as per clients’ requirements

Typical applications: Various heating equipment of glass fiber kilns, as liquid-flow hole panels, etc. 

C.Molybdenum Electrode Bar

Appearance: Bright silver gray metallic luster

Purity: Mo≥99.95% 

Density: > 10.15g/cm3; 

Dimension: Dia. (3-100)mmxL(150-1500)mm

Typical applications: Furnace, electric boosting glass kiln electrode, etc.

With the excellent properties of high strength, resistant to oxidation under high temperature, long working life, corrosion resistance and inability to stain glass, these high purity molybdenum electrodes can not only be used in the rare earth industry, but also be used in many fields such as ordinary glass, optical glass, insulation material and glass fiber.


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