China Lithium Price - September 3, 2020

cobalt oxide imageThe price of cobalt is stable but shows signs of rise on September 3, 2020 when the market remains quiet and trading atmosphere maintains a cautious atmosphere. 

Under the instability in the international economic and trade, the industry mainly focuses on the implementation of domestic purchasing and storage. It is reported that in the year of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the remaining 2,000 tons of purchasing and storage plans may take place in the fourth quarter, and the purchasing and reserves will affect 20% of the market's supply.

Lithium price in China remains stable on the whole, and merchants have a strong willingness to raise product offers. The current cost-side support is the main positive factor, but the demand performance is not good, and the market trading atmosphere is still light. The industry believes that the future rise of the new energy vehicle and energy storage market will promote the development of the lithium battery industry, and product demand is expected to increase, but the current supply and demand pressure still needs to be resolved.

Prices of nickel products are mixed. The market supply mainly depends on the production and transportation in Indonesia and the Philippines. At present, the production is likely to decline affected by the spread of coronavirus, but actual nickel ore production and sales increased in July. Now stainless steel and new energy vehicles are the main growth points for recent consumption. The market demand is expected to be good in the short term.

Prices of cobalt, nickel and lithium products on September 3, 2020

lithium price image

Picture of cobalt oxide 

cobalt oxide image

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