Factors That Affect Service Life of MoSi2 Heating Element

MoSi2 heating element pictureOne of our customers contacted us that the tolerance of MoSi2 heating element they purchased was too large for them and required small tolerance in our future orders. Why they requested exact diameter when most our customers would not require for product tolerance?

MoSi2 heating element picture

The season was soon clear. The element was used in electric furnaces for dental technicians. The dimensional accuracy of the hot end will directly affect the precise control of the temperature of the electric furnace. 

When there is a tolerance in the diameter, the cross-sectional area and resistance value will change as well as heating value of the electric heating component. 0.1mm diameter tolerance means 7% of the calorific value. If the tolerance is +/-0.5mm, it is conceivable that its influence is great. In the meantime, the change means the heat uniformity in the electric furnace or the service life of the electric heating components will be greatly affected.

MoSi2 heating element picture

In addition to the tolerance of diameters, what will affect the service life of this product: 

1. Products to be produced. For example, the service life for producing special glass is different from that used in the reflective material industry and the magnetic material industry. The magnetic material industry has the longest service life and special glass the shortest. 

2. Product quality. The raw materials and manufacturing processes determine the product quality.

3. The quality of the furnace.

4. Surface problems. Working at a temperature of 1800 ℃ for a long time, the protective glaze layer can flake away when cycling the temperature, eventually eroding the element after many cycles.

5. Operators. Overheat, control failures and over power will cause the failure of heating element.

6. Product contamination. Product or atmosphere reacts with the protective glaze causing deterioration of the element.

7. Insulation issues. Elements too tight in insulation, insulation shifts and breaks the element, or elements contact the insulation and overheat.


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