Molybdenum Oxide Prices - June 3, 2020

molybdenum block image Molybdenum market quotation in China: the latest of ferro molybdenum, ammonium heptamolvbdate and molybdenum oxide prices are unchanged from the previous trading day under mixed factors and deadlocked supply and demand in early June, 2020. 

On the one hand, although some steel mill enterprises are willing to enter the market for consumption, the tender price is not optimistic, which has weakened the confidence of many merchants to set prices, and the transaction prices are mostly launched in the low level; on the other hand, under the influence of many negative factors such as the increase in overseas imports, the poor performance of the international molybdenum market and the lack of domestic good signals, the downstream demand is difficult to boost, but supported by the cost of raw materials and limited inventory, the holders are unwilling to reduce prices.

Prices of molybdenum products on June 3, 2020

molybdenum oxide price image

Picture of molybdenum block 

molybdenum block image

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