China Ferro Molybdenum Price - Sep. 29, 2019

ferro molybdenum imageChina molybdenum prices maintained stability in the week began on Monday September 26, 2019 because insiders had different views on the outlook. The molybdenum concentrate market was weak and with the stricter environmental protection inspection, market confidence was boosted. But affected by weak demand, inquiry decreased. 

In the ferro molybdenum market, the overall performance was weak, replying on rigid demand. Recently, the industry has more concerned about the new round of steel bidding after the National Day holiday, some traders were expected to improve the market outlook. In the market of molybdenum chemical and its products, the on-site purchase and sales were relatively light, the negotiations between buyers and sellers were slightly stalemate, and the prices of mainstream products were difficult to update.

Prices of molybdenum products on Sep. 29, 2019

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Picture of ferro molybdenum

ferro molybdenum image

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