China Ferro Molybdenum Price - Sep. 4, 2019

ferro molybdenum image The Chinese molybdenum prices remain stable as sellers' mentality is different and most of industries are focusing on the new round of steel tenders. For the molybdenum concentrate market, transactions are hardly concluded.  Downstream buyers' product profits are squeezed by costs, so they resistant to high prices. 

Due to environmental protection and extreme weather, the mining cost increases, mainstream mining enterprises keep firm offers and low-price resources are rare. The inquiry in the ferro molybdenum market increases when steel tenders demand increase, plus with the support of raw material costs. Prices stop dropping and start to stabilize. In terms of molybdenum chemical and products, the market confidence is slightly insufficient, and orders are relatively limited. Under the driving of the raw material market, traders are willing to pay a higher price. However, due to the prudence of many buyers to take up the goods, the mainstream molybdenum chemical products are difficult to quote. 

Prices of molybdenum products on Sep. 4, 2019

ferro molybdenum image

Picture of ferro molybdenum

ferro molybdenum image

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