China Ferro Molybdenum Price - Aug. 6, 2019

molybdenum powder image China molybdenum prices are still in a high level on increased market inquiry, improved trading activity and eased selling pressure of traders. In the molybdenum concentrate market, although the maintenance tasks of some mining enterprises have been completed, it is still impossible to solve the problem of insufficient supply of raw materials immediately. Therefore, sellers still do not reduce product prices. 

In the ferro molybdenum market, the bidding of steel mills has slowed down. However, under the influence of molybdenum concentrate cost support and difficulties in obtaining goods, the prices of intermediate smelters remain firm, and the overall demand is flat. For molybdenum chemical and products markets, both supply and demand are still in a stalemate, and downstream users are relatively weak, but driven by the good atmosphere of the upstream market, manufacturers are mostly cautious in trading, and they are reluctant to sell.

Prices of molybdenum products on Aug. 6, 2019

ferro molybdenum price image

Picture of molybdenum powder

molybdenum powder image

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