China Molybdenum Prices - July 24, 2019

molybdenum powder image The China molybdenum prices remained strong on active market trading and boosted market confidence. Firstly, due to the impact of heavy rains and overhaul of factories, the mining becomes difficulty, resulting in limited production of raw material molybdenum concentrate. 

Secondly, the supply of molybdenum concentrate is tight, and the demand for steel is in good condition. As a result, some intermediate smelters have insufficient inventory or even no goods. The external quotation is steadily raised, which can effectively alleviate the tight supply and demand of raw materials. Thirdly, molybdenum chemicals and products market is flat in trend, traders have strong wait-and-see mood. Due to the instability of upstream supply, the holders have more confidence in the market outlook.

Prices of molybdenum products on July 24, 2019

China molybdenum prices image

Picture of molybdenum powder

molybdenum powder image

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