Sodium Methoxide Price - Dec. 28, 2017

sodium methoxide pictureMolybdenum market quotation: the latest price of sodium methoxide, molybdenum powder and molybdenum bar stabilizes while molybdenum oxide price edges higher. With the coming of New Year, some traders in the market are staring to stop transactions, and then trading volume reduces accordingly. Spot goods in most mines are rare, and downstream buyers have not high enthusiasm in purchasing. As a result, molybdenum raw material market refuses to budge. But insiders are optimistic about the price.

The quantity of steel biddings has exceeded 9,000 tons as of this month, bringing good news for the molybdenum enterprises. And quotation for products rises and market trading improves. As for the molybdenum chemical and deep processing market, buyers raised their enthusiasm in purchasing, and market atmosphere becomes active. Quotation for molybdenum powder was RMB 19,800-20,100/kg. At present, insiders are bullish on the market and molybdenum price may rise after the holiday.

Prices of molybdenum products on Dec. 28, 2017

sodium methoxide price picture

Picture of sodium methoxide

sodium methoxide picture

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