Chinese Molybdenum Market - Oct. 9, 2017

molybdenum trioxide pictureChinese molybdenum market keeps quite before the National Day amid the latest price of molybdenum concentrates, molybdenum oxide and ammonium tetramolybdate is unchanged from the previous trading day. 

In the molybdenum concentrates market, shipments in the mines are limited and quotation is not likely to lower; ferro molybdenum market slightly adjusts and manufacturers are more cautious in their operations; for molybdenum and alloy chemical market, the rate of operation is low and orders from downstream enterprises are less. On the whole, demand and supply are in a stalemate, businesses keep calm, waiting for new guidance after the holiday.

Price of molybdenum products on Oct. 9, 2017

molybdenum price picture

Picture of molybdenum trioxide

molybdenum trioxide picture


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