Ammonium Molybdate Price - Aug. 29, 2017

ammonium molybdate pictureThe latest price of molybdenum concentrate, ammonium molybdate and ferromolybdenum is unchanged from previous session. The supply and demand refuse to budge. Molybdenum market in China is quiet and its price trends to be stable after weakening. 

A new round of bidding in steel mills needs to be concerned and downstream demand needs to be followed.

Last week, molybdenum market in China was weak, and trading volume was declined, thus influencing buyers’ confidence of supporting higher price. In molybdenum concentrate market, the quantity of shipping is still restrained by the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate. Part of sellers are willing to rise their price as supply is steel tight, but weak demand colds the market trading atmosphere. Sellers are cautious to sell their goods. 

ammonium molybdate picture

In ferromolybdenum market, the rally in its price is hard to maintain despite a slight increase of biddings in steel mills. Bidding price also declines. In molybdenum chemical and alloy market, price is greatly affected by the material side and new orders are unpromising. But markers are wills to stabilize the current price due to high cost and expectations on high season in September and October. 

On the whole, under the stalemate between supply and demand, the short-term operations in the molybdenum market suggest being stable and domestic molybdenum price may have room for improvement.

International, quotations follow the Chinese market. International molybdenum oxide price at Platts Metals (US MW) quote USD 8.2 - 8.35/lb and European molybdenum price quote USD 20.1 -20.35/kg.

Price of molybdenum products on Aug. 29, 2017

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