Molybdenum Price Analysis – Aug. 24, 2017

molybdenum pictureInternational, molybdenum price is declined as the demand has not yet recovered. The price of international molybdenum oxide has been slipping recently, thus beginning to show a certain impact on the mentality of Chinese.

Fortunately, the decline will not create great impact to the Chinese market for the present due to a limited number of transactions. As of last night, the international price of molybdenum oxide fell to 8.05-5.2 USD/lb, and the European molybdenum price dropped to 19.9-20.1 USD/kg.

molybdenum price picture

In China, molybdenum market becomes more active with the increase of ferromolybdenum biddings in steel enterprises and more production in large-scale molybdenum ores. For molybdenum concentrate, its market confidence is picking up, downstream enterprises wants to buy more products, market enquiries and transactions gradually increased, driven by new transactions in large mining enterprises. Markers have different views for molybdenum market, bulk cargo market is still stable and ferromolybdenum biddings in steel enterprises continue to increase. Most large-scale production enterprises are optimistic about the market late. Molybdenum chemical and deep processing market shows active driven by the transactions of upstream enterprises. Enterprises gradually begin to offer and the transaction remains to be started.


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The views of our website: with the heavier turnover of fine molybdenum ore, Chinese molybdenum raw material stabilizes gradually. The molybdenum market remains uncertain factors, raw material transactions increase and market appears to stabilize. Ferromolybdenum market also needs little to recover. Chemical deep processing market may rise prices in the future. The current domestic market for molybdenum may stabilize and in line for some consolidation.


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