【Know Molybdenum】Molybdenum Electrode for Glass Melting Furnace

Molybdenum electrode for glass melting furnace


Glass melting electrodes can be supplied in the recrystallized condition or in the stress-relieved condition upon request.


Maximum deviations from straightness will be 2.5 mm per meter, while maximum deviation in cut lengths will be ±2.0mm.


The purity of moly electrode is at least 99.95% to reduce detrimental glass discoloring and provides high resistance to degradation and chemical corrosion.

4.Surface Condition

The electrodes are provided with forged surface, centerless ground or machined surfaces of 3.2 µm or better. It may be possible to remove minor surface defects by conditioning without compromising the dimensional tolerance.


European and the United States standard and special threads are available on either or both ends.


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