What’s the Role of Molybdenum Electrode in the Production of Glass Fiber Insulation Material?

molybdenum electrode image Glass fiber, its size is extremely fine from few micrometers to twenty micrometers, which is equivalent to 1/20-1/5 of a hair. Each bundle of fibers consists of numerous extremely fine fibers of glass. However, don't be fooled by its size. They are fine but strong enough.

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The material is first well known as thermal insulation material for buildings. So far, its biggest application is to be used as insulation and reinforced composite materials. Wind turbine blades, watercraft and thousands of other products are strong and lightweight because they are made of this material. Many people don't even realize that glass is made and use as fiber form. It is a material that will not attract people’s attention, but is common and essential to modern life.

Rarely, it can be used in the file of medicine as well. In recent years, scientists have been committed to researching and developing a bioactive glass nanofiber for animals and humans, and successfully extracted nanofibers from bioactive glass species through laser spinning technology. The fiber can heal chronic skin ulcers and deep wounds. The antimicrobial fibers that gradually dissolve and are absorbed by the tissue release bioactive ions in the wound, thereby stimulating the growth of blood vessels and promoting tissue healing.

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How is the fiber produced?

To form fibers in the 5-to-20-µm-diameter range, manufacturers deliver molten glass to an extrusion equipment that drives the molten glass through nozzles with thousands of small holes. The setup and processing steps vary according to the type of fiber to be produced. For example, manufacturing glass wool fibers for insulation was initially similar to manufacturing marshmallows. The fine glass liquid flows out horizontally through the holes in the rotating rotator and quickly solidifies. After that, they are shredded by a burst of air flow, and then blown down onto the moving conveyor belt, where they are collected and formed into insulating products, such as wool, cushions and boards.

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The key to ensuring fiber quality lies in the quality of molten glass. In addition to ensuring the quality of raw materials, manufacturers will purchase pure molybdenum electrode with high purity, corrosion resistance and good oxidation resistance for use in glass electric melting furnaces to melt glass. In this way, the finished products such as fibers and glass bottles will not have any defects, such as coloration, streaks, etc.


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