Ammonium Tetramolybdate Price - April 14, 2021

molybdenum block imageMolybdenum market quotation in China: ferro molybdenum, molybdenum concentrate and oxide prices increased slightly despite trading activity in the steel tenders and international molybdenum market declined. At present, insiders mainly pay attention to steel tenders and shipment of concentrate before the holiday of Labour Day. 

In the molybdenum concentrate market, the order growth rate has slowed down. Downstream users’ purchasing enthusiasm has decreased, and molybdenum mining companies have raised their strong rised mentality, which are the main reasons for the difficulty in trading volume. 

In the ferro-molybdenum market, the overall wait-and-see atmosphere has increased. steel companies have entered the market slowly and are not willing to sell their products. Therefore, market trading seems quiet. The relationship between demand and supply needs to be improved in the molybdenum chemicals and its products market. affected by tight supply, ammonium tetramolybdate price is about 117,000 yuan/ton, and molybdenum powder price is about 236 yuan/kg.

Customs statistics show that in the first quarter, China’s exports of mechanical and electrical products were 2.78 trillion yuan, an increase of 43%, accounting for 60.3% of the total export value, an increase of 1.7% year-on-year; among them, the export of automatic data processing equipment and its parts and components, mobile phones and automobiles increased by 54.5%, 38.5%, and 98.9% respectively. During the same period, the export of anti-epidemic materials continued to grow, and the export of textiles, including masks, increased by 30.6%.

Prices of molybdenum products on April 14, 2021

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Picture of molybdenum  block 

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