Molybdenum Copper Alloy Is Used to Produce Heat Sinks for Vacuum Electronic Devices

heat sinks image In the electronics industry, materials of aluminum and copper are widely used as contacts and heat sinks because they are good thermal conductors. However, due to high coefficient of thermal expansion, they are unable to be used as substrate materials for semiconductors that bear considerable thermal load.

The molybdenum-copper composite material combines high thermal and electrical conductivity of copper and low thermal expansion of molybdenum, with many characteristics of find structure, good electrical and thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, molybdenum copper alloy material has wide applications. 

heat sinks image

1. Electrical contacts for vacuum switches

Both tungsten copper and molybdenum copper alloy materials can be applicable. Which materials to be elected depends on the requirements of vacuum switches. Choosing the suitable material is able for vacuum switch to achieve the best use effect of the materials.

2. Heat sinks for vacuum electronic devices

Development of millimeter and submillimeter-band vacuum electronic devices put forward special requirements to the properties of structural materials for microfabrication of such basic electronic components as slow-wave structures. One of the promising composite materials for vacuum microelectronic devices is molybdenum-copper alloys.

molybdenum cooper alloy image

3. Instrumental components

Due to the many physical properties of molybdenum copper material, such as non-magnetic, constant thermal expansion coefficient, high elastic modulus, high electrical and thermal conductivity, etc., it is suitable for some special requirements of instrument components. In addition, moly copper material has lower density, lighter weight, good plasticity and convenient machining than tungsten cooper material, which is more suitable to be used as instrument materials.

4. Parts of rockets and missiles

MoCu material is more resistant to ablation than molybdenum, and has more plasticity and workability. Therefore, it can replace molybdenum as parts in other weapons, such as extended range guns. 

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