How to Evaluate Molybdenum Disulfide Grease’s Carrying Capacity?

molybdenum disulfide grease image With the continuous development of technology, the working conditions of many products have become more and more complex, and the environment has become more and more demanding. For example, some products need to be used in a high load or impact load environment, which requires the grease to have good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. Otherwise, the oil film formed between the components will easily break and lose the lubricating effect.

molybdenum disulfide grease image

Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), as an additive to the grease, can effectively increase the maximum non-seizure load of the grease and reduce the coefficient of friction between the friction pairs. Molybdenum disulfide grease is made of low-viscosity PAO, MoS2 solid lubricants and various additives such as antioxidant and anticorrosion. Compared with similar grease, it has stronger pressure and wear resistance, and has excellent adhesion, thermal stability, low temperature and rust resistance, and can withstand greater loads. Such grease can be used for long-term lubrication of gears and sports equipment that need to withstand high loads and shock loads in a wide temperature environment to effectively reduce wear and provide protection against rust and corrosion.

How to evaluate grease carrying capacity? There are three important indicators including maximum nonseizure load (PB), sintering load (PD), and wear value (d). In practical applications, different evaluation indicators can be selected according to the different uses of the lubricant. The index data is mainly obtained through the four-ball experiment test.

Maximum nonseizure load (PB): under a certain temperature and speed, the maximum load diameter of the steel ball in the lubricated state is the size of the wear mark. Smaller the wear mark indicates better anti-wear ability and lubrication of the grease.

molybdenum disulfide grease image

Sintering load (PD): increase the load at a certain temperature and speed step by step, when the upper and lower steel balls undergo high-temperature sintering due to excessive load, the load making the equipment has to stop running is the sintering load. The higher the sintering load, the better the lubrication.

Wear Valuen (d): under a certain temperature, speed, load and running time, the surface of the load-bearing steel ball will cause straight wear marks due to friction. 


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