Molybdenum Sputtering Target Is Essential for Semiconductor Chip

molybdenum sputtering target image Nowadays, sputtering targets have a wide range of applications, from semiconductor chip to the film deposition of various materials in integrated circuit processing, to energy-saving glass, familiar golden tungsten carbide coting made of titanium nitride and wire-resistance coatings for tools and daily necessities. Many materials can be obtained in the form of sputtering targets during fabrication of CDs and DVDs. 

molybdenum sputtering target image

Sputtering is a mature technology, which can deposit films of various materials on many shapes and sizes of substrates. This process is repeatable and can be extended from small projects to the production of medium and large substrate areas. The sputtering gas is usually an inert gas, such as argon. In order to effectively transfer momentum, the mass of the incident particles must match the mass of the target.

In order to obtain the required characteristics in the sputter-deposited film, the materials and processes used to manufacture the sputtering target are critical. In addition to pure metal targets such as tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, titanium, and silicon, there are also alloy targets and compounds such as oxides or nitrides. The process of determining the material is as important as the deposition operating parameters perfected by engineers and scientists during the coating process.

molybdenum sputtering target image

The sputtering target is usually with round or rectangular shapes, other shapes including square and triangular designs also can be customized. The substrate is the object to be coated, which can include semiconductor wafers, solar cells, optical components or many other possibilities. The thickness of the coating is usually in the range of angstroms to micrometers, and the film can be a single material or multiple materials in a multilayer structure.

As a refractory metal with a very wide range of uses, molybdenum has excellent mechanical properties, low expansion, high thermal conductivity and extremely high electrical conductivity at high temperatures. As a sputtering target, it can be many possibilities, such as pure molybdenum target, molybdenum titanium target, molybdenum tantalum target, molybdenum alloy target (such as TZM plate). The molybdenum sputtering target has the characteristics of high purity, high density, uniform fine crystal grains, so as to obtain extremely high sputtering efficiency, uniform film thickness and smooth etching surface during sputtering.

molybdenum sputtering target image

All target products in Chinatungsten Online are specially designed to operate reliably during the film deposition process. Our manufacturing process can ensure high purity, fine and uniform grain size of the target material. We offer a variety of choices of purities and shapes according to your requirements. 


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