Molybdenum Sputtering Target for Flat Panel Displays, Marking China’s Breakthrough on This Technology

molybdenum sputtering target image China has developed the first G6 super-large high-end molybdenum target with completely independent intellectual property rights, and put into mass production in 2018. This means that China is the first country that can produce super-size target for semiconductors in the Asia-Pacific region, and breaks the European monopoly on this core technology.

As we all known, limited by equipment and technology, China have to import a large number of this kind of product every year, but now, the breakthrough means that China has taken a crucial step in the localization of core materials for high-end displays.

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You may not know the connection of target and our daily life. Actually, they are everywhere in our daily such as smartphones, tablets and color TVs. Molybdenum target, also known as molybdenum sputtering target, it is one of the core materials of the semiconductor industry, more specifically, it is the key core raw material in LCD flat panel displays. In the modern life, we spend several hours or even more than ten hours in a day with it. That’s right, ‘it’ is the mobile phone OLED screen. 

It is proved that materials are the foundation for all products. High-end products and high-tech products have higher requirements for them. You may be a little curious why molybdenum is one of the preferred materials for sputtering targets.

molybdenum sputtering target image

Chromium was previously used as the wiring material for flat-panel displays, but it can no longer meet the higher requirements with the advance of technology. For molybdenum material, it has good advantages of high melting point, high conductivity and good corrosion resistance, and its specific impedance and film stress are only 1/2 of that of chromium. In addition, molybdenum is an environmentally friendly material. Therefore, molybdenum has become one of the preferred materials for sputtering targets for flat panel displays. Experts expressed that molybdenum material can greatly improve the brightness, contrast, color and other performance of liquid crystal displays and extend their service life.

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